Math Articles

Murray, B., Silver-Pacuilla, H., & Helsel, F.I. (2007). Improving Basic Math Instruction. Technology in Action (2)5.

Zorfass, J., Follansbee, R., & Weagle, V. (2006). Integrating Applets into Middle Grades Math. Technology in Action (2)2.

Web-Based Resources for Mathematics: Articles Related to Mathematics Education doc | pdf These provide users with access to articles that are cataloged according to the type of research, content, and process standards developed by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Practicing Math Online: Fun, Free, and Cool! LD Online, July, 2oo8.

Calculators Help LD Students Get Concepts LD Online, 2007.

Thirty Years of Research: Interpretation of the Equal Sign in China and the USA

Applying UDL in Math


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