Music Resources

The following listing was provided through the QIAT listserv at University of Kentucky.

Music Toolkit (Windows) – Excellent music exploration software and it includes patterning activities that prepare students for loop based music creation.

Music Factory (Windows) – An accessible introduction to the concept of loop based music. Includes settings for switch access.

Super Duper Music Looper (Windows) – One of my all time favorite loop based music creation programs. It has the best and easiest interface (in my opinion). Very inexpensive and you can try the online flash demo to get a feel for how to use it. Look for the link to the Flash demo on the right side of the screen.

GarageBand (Macintosh) – Great loop based music creation program and it is free on Macintosh systems.

Mashup Music Machine – Free online music DJ software that is a lot of fun to use.

Notepad (Win or Mac) – Free music notation. Students can write standard music on the onscreen “paper” and the program will play the music back using the instruments selected by the student. The notation, or scores, can also be printed out to be played by other musicians. The interface has a steep learning curve. Excellent resource.

Dancing Dots (Windows) – Braille music notation software. Also scans printed music into braille.

TalkingTabs – Audio based music instruction programs. No reading, tactile, or video materials.

Sample Based Playing – Using small clips of audio, or samples, can be a very effective strategy to enable students to “play” instruments. Here is a resource article.

Reason (Win or Mac) – High end digital music creation program. It does not record audio but is great for electronic music creation.


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