Science Resources

Children’s Hospital Interactive Science Demonstrations

Brain POP (free trial page) – This is a commercial website but you can test it out via the FREE trial (see link) From the Brain POP web site: “BrainPOP ( is a pioneering developer of engaging, animated content that motivates and inspires children to learn. Each month, BrainPOP welcomes more than 1,000,000 visitors to its websites, reaching roughly 13,000,000 students in homes, classrooms and computer labs worldwide.:

The Concord Consortium: Hundreds of pre-made lessons and simulations – ready to use. Here are a few of the activity databases:

Phun – Downloadable 2D software

National Science Digital Library: – search for activities, videos interactive tutorials, etc. by grade level or content standard.

Wonderville – An interactive world full of science activities and teacher resources.

NetLogo:  – A programmable modeling environment. There are a few pre-made simulations, but the most powerful part of this resource is having students build their own models of scientific phenomena.

The Futures Channel (commercial)- videos connecting science, math, and technology to real world experiences.

The Biology Project:  – great interactive tutorials and problem sets.

NCES Kids’ Zone – tools and activities from the National Center for Education Statistics at IES.


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